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How can I contribute to this project?

What type of MiniDisc devices are compatible with this software?

Why does development of the software take place at such a slow pace?

I tried formatting a HiMD in qhimdtransfer but that doesn't work, why?

I tried renaming a track in qhimdtransfer but that doesn't work either, what's wrong?

I tried transfering a track to my HiMD walkman in qhimdtransfer but it won't work. Why?

Why can I transfer some tracks from my HiMD and some not?

What is the difference between MP3 and LPCM/ATRAC3/3+ tracks?

Why are some of the pages in the wiki non-public? I thought all this stuff is free software.

Why is it so difficult to write a free transfer software for MiniDisc as a replacement for SonicStage?

What is essentially the difference between NetMD and HiMD devices, especially from the way my computer treats them?

Will it ever be possible to transfer tracks off NetMD device with this software?

Does this software also support NetMD devices? My NetMD is not recognized by qhimdtransfer.

I downloaded and installed both versions for MacOS but neither of them for me, why?

Does this software also work on other operating systems other than Linux, Windows and MacOS?

What is the NetMDPython stuff for and what is Python at all?

I have loads of old standard MDs with recordings I want transfer to my PC, what's the best way to do that?

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