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-**Is there an atrac3plus decoder available for GNU/Linux?**+**Is there an ATRAC3plus decoder available for GNU/Linux or MacOSX?**
-No, but work on a decoder has been initiated by the ffmpeg project. There are ffmpeg +No, but work on a decoder has been initiated by the ffmpeg project. This decoder is 
-decoders for atrac1 (atrac-sp) and atrac3.+expected to be released in //mid of 2011// and will certainly also part VideoLAN's VLC. 
 +There are already ffmpeg decoders for ATRAC1 (ATRAC-SP) and ATRAC3. Both types 
 +can also be played back in VideoLAN's VLC.
- +**Why can'ffmpeg identify all of my ATRAC1 (ATRAC-SP) tracks that I have uploaded
-**Why cannot ffmpeg identify all of my atrac1 (atrac-sp) tracks that I have uploaded+
 with the netmd python script?** with the netmd python script?**
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