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 ===== Screenshots ===== ===== Screenshots =====
 +Linux/Fedora Rawhide screenshot as of 02.06.2010:
 +Linux/Ubuntu screenshot as of 02.02.2010:
 MacOS screenshot as of 21.10.2009: MacOS screenshot as of 21.10.2009:
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 [[]] [[]]
 +===== About Dialog =====
 +The about dialog could need some sprucing-up. Comparing to the one of pidgin, which has a good design standard, our dialog looks quite boring and somewhat inconsistent. Also, the information within it doesn't need to be translated.
 +The new dialog should contain:
 +  * all people listed in [[Contributors]], sorted by their contribution
 +  * contact information (IRC channel, mail addresses, mailing list URL, website, ...)
 +  * version information of the current build from git
 +The following screenshot compares the about dialog from QHiMDTransfer with the one from the current version of pidgin:
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