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OLPC@Physik FU-Berlin

Welcome to OLPC Projects at the FU Physics department. We're a bunch of Linux-hackers who participate in world-wide project of "One Laptop Per Child" (OLPC, Currently everybody is working on one or more projects either in hard- or software for the XO-Laptop, the hardware developed by the OLPC-Project.

We are:

Henning Glawe, Jonas Hoffmann and Adrian Glaubitz.

What we do:

Henning Glawe: make Debian run on the XO.

Jonas Hoffman: develop a DrumPad (for TamTam e.g.) utilizing a piezo-element to connect to USB-port

Adrian Glaubitz: setup a RepairDatabase, make an AssemblyGuide and DisassemblyGuide, make ScrewLocationDiagrams, get IonOnXO running, KernelBuildHowTo, GermanTranslation, TroubleshootingGuide

As of July, 22, 2008, this wiki has just been setup, so there is no content on the linked wiki-pages yet. As I, Adrian, am waiting for my XO-Laptop to arrive from America, I cannot start with any of my projects yet =(.

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