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Disassembly Guide

This page describes how to properly completely disassemble the XO-Laptop for repair and parts-replacement. It is assumed, that you have already some advanced experience in electronics and computer hardware in order to be able to follow the instructions in this guide. You will also need a minimum set of quality hand-tools like screwdrivers, tweezers and useful little helpers like duct-tape to fix cables for example and a tray to store screws and other little parts while you disassemble the unit. After the repair, you want to reassemble the unit again, see AssemblyGuide.


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Before starting to disassemble the XO, please make sure you went through the TroubleshootingGuide in order to eleminate other sources of failure causing the XO to malfunction. Once you have assured the XO to be broken, you can prepare for disassembly.

For a proper and comfortable work, you should prepare a sufficiently large desk so you can store all parts of the disassembled unit on it and still have enough space to do a convinient repairjob. In an ideal case you have a dedicated place for the repairjob, so you can leave the parts on the desk once you have to interrupt your work for any reason. A bad example would be the kitchen or living-room table which you'd have to clean-up once your wife comes home, the probability that any of the amount of small parts will get lost during the clean-up is very high. Also make sure the light at your work-place bright enough, so you can look into all edges and angles of the parts of the unit. Cracks, breaks or cold-solder joints are hard to track down with just a candle on your desk. A dedicated 100W table-top lamp with a flexible arm is just perfect for the job.

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