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Radicale is a calendar server following the CalDAV-Protokoll. It allows you to synchronize calendar events, contact information and notes across devices and to share these within groups.


The web-interface is used to create, edit and delete calendars. It can not be used to manage your calendar events. To edit the calendar events you will have to setup a client for your device (see Device Setup).

You can find the web interface at Logging in is done with the normal ZEDAT-credentials.

A web calendar to inspect/add/edit events is available at You can log into it with you ZEDAT credentials.

Sharing calendars

Personal calendars can be shared with groups. To do this enter the name of the group (e.g. ag-franke, ag-vorlesung, feinwerk…) in the field owner when creating the calendar.

After a couple minutes the calendar should be available to all members of the selected group.

On top of this it is possible to give individual users permission to a collection by using the "Individual permissions" field. This option takes a comma separated list of the pattern user:permission. The available permissions are "r" for read access and "w" for write access. If, for example, if user bob is supposed to be able to read and write the collection and alice should only be able to read it, the option should be set as:

bob:rw, alice:r

Public calendars

For some purposes it is necessary to host a public calendar in form of an link to an .ics file. To do this, give the user public read permissions for the calendar: public:r, see Sharing calendars.

Public calendars will show a sharable link to a web calendar in the calendar overwiew.

How do I set up radicale with my device?

Because radicale is compliant with the CalDAV protocoll every calendar application supporting CalDAV should work with radicale. Below you'll find configurations for different operating systems that we tested and recommend

In general when setting up a client these fields are required

In most applications you can choose which of the availablen calendars you want to sync with your device.

Device Setup


For Linux and Windows we recommend using Thunderbird with the Lightning, TbSync and Provider for CalDAV & CardDAV add-ons.

After installing these add-ons and restarting Thunderbird you can open the calendar settings by clicking Tools → Add-On Preferences → TbSync. To set up the synchronization you click Account actions → Add new Account → CalDAV & CardDAV → Manual Configuration → insert CalDAV-address, username and password → Next → Finish

Now select Enable and synchronize this account, select the calendars you want to sync and click Synchronize now. The calendars should now be available in Thunderbird.


Download the App DAVx5 and simple calendar. In DAVx5 click on the ⊕-button → select to sign in with username and password → insert CalDAV-address, username and password and select to sign in → If necessary approve the certificate → specify a name for the account and accept to create it

The account should now be available in the start menu of DAVx5. Select it and go to the tab CALDAV. Here you can now select which calendars to synchronize onto your device. After selecting tap the synchronize-button (🔁).

Now you can enable this CALDAV-account in your calendar app. For the "simple calendar" app you can enable the account as follows: Open the app → open the menu in the upper right corner → select settings → select CalDAV synchronization → select your account in the list and tap ok

Now the calendar events from the server should be appearing in your calendar. You can now also select between local and synchronized events when creating a new event.


Start the settings app → Password & Accounts → Add Account → other → Add CalDAV Account → enter CalDAV-address, username and password → Next → select Calendars and select Keep on My iPhone on the pop-up !(if you don't do this, your local calendar data might get lost)! → select Reminders (if you want reminders) and again select Keep on My iPhone! → Save Your calendar should now synch with the calendar server. In the calendar app you can tap Calendars to open the calendar selection and select, which remote calendars you want to synchronize. When adding a new event you can select the calendar to decide if the event is to be saved locally on your phone or on the calendar server.


The certificate for the radicale server is:,OU=Fachbereich Physik,O=Freie Universitaet Berlin,L=Berlin,ST=Berlin,C=DE


  • SHA-1 5d:fc:2d:23:24:39:a2:54:44:c0:27:dd:5a:21:bd:55:b3:d6:47:1b
  • SHA-256 6d:df:38:ba:ab:26:9a:33:53:3a:d0:c3:1c:96:44:6a:1e:c6:87:6e:34:2b:38:d4:14:2c:e1:bd:ef:9e:fb:de
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