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Install a network printer on Windows 10


  • your ZEDAT login and password (if not on a computer in the IMP domain)
  • the name of the printer you want to connect to
  • the following instructions will only work from a computer in either the physics department network or from WLAN (eduroam)

1) Open a windows explorer and type \\\ into the location field:

1b) If you are not on an IMP computer, you will most likely be asked for your ZEDAT account and password at this point. Make sure you type FU-BERLIN\ in front of your ZEDAT account name:

2) In the list of printers locate your printer choose Connect… from the context menu (right click):

3) You should see a progress bar informing you about driver installation:

4) Now you will see the printer in the printer list Start → Settings → Devices → Printers & scanners (Start → Einstellungen → Geräte → Drucker & Scanner):

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