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Connect to network shares on Windows 10 from home


This tutorial shows how to connect to your folders home, storage, backup, grouphome and userpage when you are at home.

  • Open FileZilla and click on File and then on Site Manager….

  • Click on New site.

  • select the protocol SFTP - SSH File Transfer Protocol
  • in field Hostname type
  • In the drop down box select Ask for password
  • in the field User type your ZEDAT username.
  • Now you can press the botton Connect.

  • Select Do not save passwords and then press OK.

  • Type your ZEDAT password in the Password field and select Remember password until FileZilla is closed.

  • Select Always trust this host, add this key to the cache and press OK.

  • Now you will see your files and folder from your home drive on the right side.

  • You can change folder (drive letter) by changing the Remote site field.
    • For your home (H:\) folder type /home/<your username>
    • For your storage (S:\) folder type /net/storage/<your username>
    • For your backup (T:\) folder type /net/backup/<your username>
    • For your grouphome (V:\) folder type /net/grouphome/<your groupname> (e.g. /net/grouphome/ag-test)
    • For your userpage (W:\) folder type /www/<your username>
  • After you wrote the desired path you can press the enter key.

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