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Connect to network shares on Windows 7


  • your ZEDAT username and password (if not on a computer in the IMP domain)
  • the following instructions will only work from a computer in either the physics department network or from WLAN (eduroam)

This tutorial shows how to connect to your home share. if you want to connect to a different share just replace home by grouphome, storage, backup or userpage.

1) To open a windows explorer, click at the start button and then choose Computer. Then click on Map network drive.

2) Then click on Map network drive.

3) Choose a free drive letter and type \\\username in the Folder field. Replace username by your login name. For grouphome you have to replace your username by the name of your workgroup (e.g. ag-reich or elektronik). Checking the option Reconnect at logon will save the share for further sessions.

4) You have to check the option Connect using different credentials. After clicking Finish, there will pop up a window where you will be asked for your ZEDAT account and password. Make sure you type FU-BERLIN\ in front of your ZEDAT account name.

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