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Connecting to a Linux computer using SSH from a Windows computer (text mode interface)

Open your web browser and navigate to the PuTTY client download website here:

PuTTY client download website

Click on "putty.exe" to download the PuTTY client to your download folder.

Open your download folder and double-click putty.exe:

Windows will pop up the following dialog to ask you whether you trust the application you just downloaded from the PuTTY website, click Run:

The main window of the PuTTY client will open and show a dialog to configure a new session upon first start:

Use "Saved Sessions" to name this session for later reference, type the name of the computer you want to connect to into the field "Host Name (or IP address)" ( in this case), click Save:

In the left hand side of the PuTTY window, click Translation below the item Window and make sure Remote character set is set to UTF-8, then click Open to make a connection:

You will be asked whether you trust the remote host, click Yes. This dialog will be shown upon the first connection only:

A terminal will open and ask for your username and password, your login should complete successfully:

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