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Mathematica network license

So you want to run Mathematica on a computer which is permanently connected to the physics department network. Installation and configuration differes, depending on who is managing this computer. Be aware that this does not include the WLAN/eduroam or ZEDAT VPN networks. For hosts connected through WLAN or VPN you need to use a single-user license.

centrally managed Linux hosts

Mathematica is installed on all centrally managed Linux hosts by default. You run it by typing mathematica into a terminal window. You can start the non-graphical version by typing math. Older versions are also available by typing mathematica7 for example. <xterm> dreger@smart:~> math Mathematica 8.0 for Linux x86 (64-bit) Copyright 1988-2011 Wolfram Research, Inc.

In[1]:= 1+1

Out[1]= 2 </xterm>

centrally managed Windows hosts

To install Mathematica you simply select it from Control PanelPrograms and FeaturesInstall a program from the Network:

self-administered computers

You need to download the Mathematica installer from Install Mathematica on your computer and start the program. You will be asked to activate Mathematica. Choose Other ways to activate using the button at the bottom of the window:

In the next window choose Connect to a network license server:

Type in the address of the Mathematica license server ( and klick the Activate button:

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