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Mathematica at the Physics department

The FU Physics department has a Mathematica site license. You can therefore use Mathematica on any computer at the department and you are also eligible to receive a license for using Mathematica on your home computer or notebook. Depending on your status (student or faculty) and the type of computer (centrally managed or self-administered, networked or offline) installation and activation of the software may differ.

Basically there are two cases:

  • The computer you want to run Mathematica on is not permanently connected to the physics department network (e.g. your computer at home or your notebook). In this case you will need a single-user license.
  • The computer you want to run Mathematica on is permanently connected to the physics department network. In this case you should use a network-license.



The following table lists benchmark results for hosts at the department using Needs["Benchmarking`"]; Benchmark[].

Host System CPU RAM MMA-Version Date Result Time
zhp01 Linux/Jessie i7-6700 32GB 10.3.1 17.06.2015 2.782 4.976
nanocarrier Linux/Jessie i5-6500 8GB 10.2.0 16.02.2015 2.505 5.525
hpmini-g3 Windows 7 i7-7700 16GB 11.0.1 07.04.2017 2.492 5.554
smart2 Linux/Wheezy i7-4770 16GB 10.0.0 23.07.2015 2.406 5.753
t620 Linux/Wheezy E5-2640 196GB 10.0.0 23.07.2015 1.548 8.942
qmio01 Linux/Wheezy i7-3770 16GB 10.0.0 23.07.2015 1.966 7.039
lrrr Linux/Jessie Q9450 4GB 10.0.0 23.07.2015 0.821 16.857
zmac01 OS X 10.10 E5472 16G 10.0.0 23.07.2015 0.914 15.151
eglamore Linux/Jessie i5-3570 8GB 10.0.0 24.07.2015 2.064 6.707
abragam Linux/Jessie i5-2500 4GB 10.0.0 24.07.2015 1.855 7.463
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