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MATLAB at the Physics department

The FU Physics department has a central MATLAB license server. The software can only be used on machines that are permanently connected to the physics department network. Home-Use licenses of MATLAB are not available. Depending on the computer you are using it might already be installed:

  • On our centrally managed Linux machines you can start MATLAB by typing matlab on the command prompt. Older versions are available, too (e.g. matlab2012b and so on).
  • On our centrally managed Windows machines we will install it for you on request. Please send an email to in case you need MATLAB.
  • On MacOSX or machines not managed by the IT-Service you will have to install MATLAB on your own following the instructions given below.

Please note that in contrast to the Mathematica licenses the number of MATLAB licenses is very limited. Currently (Feb. 2015) we have:

Therefore it is important that you always close the program if you don't need it. If the number of available licenses fails to meet the demand we will ask the workgroups using MATLAB to buy some more licenses.

If you need to install MATLAB on your own please follow the installation instructions.

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