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Origin network license

So you want to run Origin on a computer which is permanently connected to the physics department network. Installation and configuration differes, depending on who is managing this computer.

centrally managed Windows hosts

To install Origin on a centrally managed Windows host you simply select it from Control PanelPrograms and FeaturesInstall a program from the Network:

self-administered computers

For self-administered computers that are connected to the department network you should use the central license server instead of a home-use license. In order to install Origin you need to download the origin installer from the Origin web site (Origin Evaluation). This installer can only be downloaded from the Origin site after creating an account. You can also download the installer from, in which case you don't need to create an Origin account. But the installer from our page might be outdated.

Please look up the necessary information from the page, namely network license serialnumber, flexlm server and port.

Follow the screenshots from the installation below. The Origin installer will only ask you for the serial number:

After successfull installation Origin is run for the first time and will compile some files. After that you will need to supply the license server information:

This is how the About Origin page should look like at the end:

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