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HiMD Auto Detection

Looking for a way to detect a connected HiMD walkman automatically and connect it in qhimdtransfer. This splits into two different questions, presented with their possible solutions:

  1. Detecting Hi-MD walkmen that are already connected to the computer on start of QHiMDTransfer
    • libusb can be used to iterate over all connected devices. This is mostly platform independent, but it seems difficult to get to a path (i.e. mountpoint) from an USB device ID (bus/address or something like that)
    • libusal (or libscg) to scan for the SCSI device that the Hi-MD walkman makes available via the USB mass storage transport. No idea how easy it is to get a mountpoint from libusal bus scans. Did not look at it yet
  2. Detecting when a new HiMD walkmen gets connected
    • On Linux: Listen on system DBus for DeviceAdded/DeviceRemoved events
    • On Windows: Listen for "WM_DEVICECHANGE"-Message with subcodes "DBT_DEVICEARRIVAL"/"DBT_DEVICEREMOVECOMPLETE"
    • On Mac: Listen for "NSWorkspaceDidMountNotification" / "NSWorkspaceDidUnmountNotification"-Notifications
    • On Linux/Windows: Use autorun/autoplay-like mechanism. The program called by autorun need not to present the full GUI, it might be enough to just tell an already running QHiMDTransfer the addition of a new device.

Screenshots on how the autorun-like entry works in the gnome file manager (the first image shows the file browser in the root directory of a Hi-MD medium, the second the file manager autorun properties):

Nautilus offers QHiMDTransfer in the root Directory of the mounted medium Dialog to choose what happens if a Hi-MD player with Hi-MD medium is connected

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