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Format of native code blocks in OCM

All pointers are offsets from the beginning of the main header. The file consists of a header (always uncompressed), followed by content (might be compressed). You need to decompress the data first (if compressed) and place it back directly behind the header to access the data pointed to.

Main Header

60h (96) Bytes header:

  • 0000 BYTES 14h (20) bytes unknown, always zero.
  • 0014 BYTES 28h (40) bytes seemingly random bits. Signature?
  • 003C WORD unknown purpose
  • 003E BYTES 8 bytes name of the module
  • 0046 BYTE unknown. Space for terminating NUL byte?
  • 0047 BYTE 1 if content is zlib compressed
  • 0048 DWORD total byte count (after decompression)
  • 004C DWORD pointer to entry point
  • 0050 DWORD pointer to export table
  • 0054 WORD unknown
  • 0056 WORD number of exports
  • 0058 DWORD pointer to relocation table
  • 005C DWORD size of relocation table

Format of export table

Each export entry is 8 bytes in size

  • 0000 DWORD pointer to exported symbol
  • 0004 DWORD offset to name (relative to begin of export table)

Format of relocation table

Each relocation entry is 8 bytes in size.

  • 0000 BYTE relocation type
  • 0001 3BYTE pointer to relocation position
  • 0004 DWORD type specific info

Relocation type 02 and 91: local offset

The type specific info is interpreted as a pointer, the module base added and patched at the relocation position

Relocation type 09: absolute value

The type specific info (the whole DWORD) is simply copied to the relocation position

Relocation type 34: ignored

Relocations of this type are simply skipped during relocation process

Relocation type 80: OpenMG API function

The type-specific info is an offset into the API function pointer table, the offset is written to the relocation position

Relocation type 81-88/CB-D1: call to MS support library functions

Patches the offset of a call instruction (relocation position is the address of the offset) to point to the compiler support library function specific to the type.

  • 81: alloca_probe
  • 82: checkesp
  • 84: aulldiv
  • 85: ftol
  • 86: allmul
  • 87: assert
  • 88: alldiv
  • CB: allrm
  • CC: allshl
  • CD: allshr
  • CF: aullrem
  • D1: aullshr
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