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The HiMD Walkmen are SCSI disk drives. They only use the LUN zero.

These standard SCSI commands are used:

They support the following extensions to standard SCSI disk drive support:

  • C0: Read HiMD
  • C1: Write HiMD
    • C2/00: Erase HiMD
    • C2/01: Format HiMD
    • C2/0E: Begin ICV Transaction
    • C2/0F: Recommend Synchronize Cache
    • C2/10: Switch Interface
    • C2/11: Get Leaf ID
    • C2/20: Load Audio TOC
    • C2/21: Pause Audio
    • C2/22: Play Audio
    • C2/23: Scan Audio
    • C2/24: Search Audio
    • C2/25: Seek Audio
    • C2/26: Stop Audio
    • C2/40: Read Defect List
    • C2/41: Read Zone List
    • C2/50: Get Time
    • C2/60: Read Audio Status
    • C2/90: Set Time
    • C2/A0: Extended Play Audio

The following mode pages are supported

  • 01: Read/Write Error recovery parameters
  • 08: Caching
  • 1B: Removable Block Access
  • 1C: Timer and Protect
  • 21: HiMD Playing

See SFF-8070i for more information about all mode pages except for the HiMD playing page.

See HiMDDownload for a trace of downloading a short LPCM track to an HiMD device using Sonic Stage

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