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General information regarding MiniDisc - Website containing a large collection of information on nearly every MiniDisc unit ever made, including Service Manuals

Official Software by Sony,odw_de_DE - Sony Europe MiniDisc downloads - Sony Japan Walkman Downloads (SonicStage, HiMD Music Transfer and more)

Forums - German forum related to topics regarding MiniDisc - Thread in German MiniDisc forum regarding this project - Largest English speaking MiniDisc-forum - Thread in English MiniDisc forum regarding this project

MiniDisc Linux - Survey on Sony MD/Flash-players on Linux - yamdager - Yet Another MD manAger

Hardware - This company provides backup and recovery of standard MDs with special hardware


If you would like to participate more actively in this ongoing development and documentation effort, feel free to join us anytime on IRC. The channel is #linux-minidisc on the popular FOSS network FreeNode (


For debug and error output that is too long to paste directly to the IRC channel, yet too ephemeral and unimportant to put in the wiki, a pastebot is available. To use the lisppaste bot, visit and enter your paste. All entries by channel participants will be announced automatically by the "lisppaste4" bot and can be annotated by other users in response.

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