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Änderungen und Bemerkungen

  1. Bitte, wenn Änderungen, dann "Signature" lassen (vorletzte Icon oben)
  2. Bitte, Änderungen in Farbe hervoheben
     <color blue> text to color in blue </color> 
  3. Note that the PDF generation DOES NOT work with the docuwiki color tags. :-( FIXME . So, perhaps it is better to use the following to introduce comments: simply indent them by at least two spaces or use the "code" tag
     Comments appear like this 

    or the "file" tag

     Commets appear like this 
  4. Before you copy-paste from WORD, take care with all Greek letters. I advice to change them first in the Word. Best is to use the "m" tag, as indicated in
  5. Updated von Hr. Leupold, September 2008Administrator 2008/09/10 10:11

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