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Connect to network shares on Windows 7 from home


  • your ZEDAT username and password
  • WinSCP (which you can get here: installed on your local machine

This tutorial shows how to connect to your folders home, storage and backup when you are at home.

  • Open WinSCP
  • Check that the file protocol is set to SFTP
  • Type in the host name field
  • Type your ZEDAT username in the user name field
  • Type your ZEDAT password in the password field
  • WinSCP should now look like this:

  • Click on Login
  • If you get a warning that looks like this, click Yes:

  • After connecting your WinSCP window should look something like this:
  • (Everywhere, where User is written, your username should appear)

  • Now you are connected with your profiles home folder. It's content is visible on the right-hand side. On the left-hand side you see the content of your own local machine.
  • To switch to your storage or backup folder, doubleclick on the blue titlebar where the current path is written, or click on the folder-icon on top of it.

  • A new window opens, which looks like this:

  • Now you have to manually change the path. To do so, click inside of the path textbox.

  • Depending on where you want to go, you have 3 possibilites:
    • For your storage folder type /net/storage/<your username>
    • For your backup folder type /net/backup/<your username>
    • For your home folder type /home/<your username>
    • For your grouphome folder type /net/grouphome/<your groupname> (e.g. /net/grouphome/ag-test)
  • After you wrote the desired path, click Ok
  • You've succesfully connected to your storage, backup or home folder.
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