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Install a network printer

Printers at the physics department

Most networked printers at the physics department are managed by central print servers. On central Linux hosts all printers are automatically available. On Windows and Mac OS X hosts you have to install the printers you want to use yourself.

Install a network printer on Windows XPWindows 7Windows 10Mac OS XUbuntu

Printers at ZEDAT

ZEDAT has some special printers for printing posters up to A0 (see

Windows and Mac OS X

In order to print to these printers from Windows or Mac OS X you have to connect to these printer directly from your computer following the ZEDAT instructions which can be found at


ZEDAT printers are already installed on the central Linux hosts. The queue-names are the ZEDAT queue-name with zedat_ prepended to it (use lpstat -v to list the printers).

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